The system in Too Busy to Budget was created by Kathy Miller when she and her husband, Donnie, were learning to communicate with each other about finances. They needed a system both could use, him with his computer tech left brain and her with more right-brained creative tendencies. Money was tight, and weekly money meetings would lead to tension rising. By writing everything down in a simple calendar format, they were able to see the facts clearly. Emotions could be processed and not taken out on each other. Progress could be made, and weekly money meetings became something they both looked forward to.

After a few years of using this homemade system, Donnie started telling friends and family who mentioned they were having financial challenges, “You really should talk to Kathy.” When Kathy started showing the system to people, she saw light bulbs go on, and this inspired her to create a personal calendar/workbook that would allow anyone, anywhere to get on track with their finances. In 2001, a business was launched offering the workbooks, individual consultations, and group classes.

Too Busy to BudgetSince then Too Busy to Budget has made its way to some amazing places. We love to hear from users about how the system is working for them. You are welcome to reach out with comments or questions.

If you have used Too Busy to Budget, we appreciate your comments here, and a review on Amazon will help more people find their way to this system.
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