What people are saying about Too Busy to Budget

I recommend this book to all my clients who are looking to get their bill-paying organized and finally under control. It is elegant in its simplicity and that’s why it works for people who’ve never been able to get their finances organized before. It gives them a sense of empowerment and takes the “scary” out of the process. I highly recommend this book!


I’ve been using Too Busy to Budget for two years now. In addition to helping us keep track of our bills, it has helped my husband and I “see” where we stand financially. It’s more like a calendar in book form, with step by step instructions, rather than an actual book to read. That’s what I like best. I don’t want to read another book about how to budget and pay my bills, I just want to do it!

Dawn Noble

As a Professional Organizer, I recommend this to all my clients and I use it myself. It is the simplest tool for getting monthly bills in order and has allowed my husband and I to have a clear picture of our finances. It instantly organizes us and that is a good feeling. I highly recommend this book to everyone!

No more late payments! Kathy Miller has put together an easy organizing system that will help anyone to see their finances at a glance. Tell your money where to go and you won’t be wondering where it went!

Lee Silber

As the author of several books for right-brainers, I have to tip my hat to Kathy Miller and her Too Busy to Budget workbook. It’s got everything the right-brainer wants – quick, easy, visual and unique. Bravo!

Lisa Frye

Many people say they are “too busy” to budget, when in fact, they are just not organized. And the first (and most important) step to getting out of debt and control of your finances is being organized. It can’t get any easier than this. Try it and your money will be glad you did!!

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